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Forte Law is a media and entertainment law practice. We advise the creative industries and all businesses on the law relating to:

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Mission //

Established by Pamela Forte, who has been advising in these key areas in the broadcast industry since the early 1990s, our mission is to maximise resources for our public sector clients and increase revenue for our commercial clients. We do this by providing clear and effective legal advice that enables you to:

  • protect and realise the full value of what are likely to be your most valuable assets - your intellectual property, reputation and goodwill
  • minimise your legal risk

Why you need us //

In an economy driven increasingly by knowledge capital, ideas and their creative expression have never been so important. The creative industries as a whole account for 7.3% of the economy, according to a report by the Work Foundation, published in June 2007, and are growing at 5%, twice the rate of the UK economy. And, with the value of many businesses being increasingly concentrated in their intangible rather than their tangible assets, the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights is fundamental to the success of all businesses.

Specialist legal advice can offer the following benefits:

  • safeguard IP rights and their value
  • increase revenue by more efficient exploitation of IP rights
  • achieve more favourable contractual terms
  • protect and enhance brand and reputation through compliance with legal obligations
  • minimise legal risk


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